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Personal Loan Payroll Employee Loans

You are an employee in need of money but have no guarantee? Why not select Personal Loan Payroll only? Personal Loan Payroll payroll employees with a maximum tenor of 36 months. The product known as Personal Loan Payroll is a special service for employees of the company in the distribution of salaries to employees. Need funds for various financing? Immediately submit a Personal Loan Payroll loan without requiring asset security as collateral. Personal Loan Payroll approval process is prioritized because it has licensed money lender singapore trust. The essence of a system that has been built in which the partners benefit equally. Advantages Personal Payroll is a requirement of easy, fast process, no collateral, Multipurpose cash loans, light interest rates, tenors of 12 to 36 months, easy installment, Life Insurance Credit. This service may only be submitted by customers who meet the general requirements and complete the document requirements. What is Personal Loan Payroll? Unsecured loan products from licensed money lenders Singapore that is intended exclusively for payroll employees. This service is also often referred to as Personal Loan Payroll. Payroll with more advantages than regular unsecured loans.

Is this product only for payroll employees? In accordance with the main provisions of customers who can apply for Personal, Loan Payroll are customers who have status as permanent employees. What are the conditions for making a loan? To apply for this application you need a pay slip document, an ATM card, it is a good idea to be included in the submission application. What is the procedure for submission? The filing procedure begins with filling out the application form as well as the collection of required files. The licensed money lender Singapore party will conduct evaluation and verification of the incoming application and then give the decision of whether or not the application is accepted. How long is the Approval process of the application is submitted? The approval process usually takes between 5 to 14 business days and does not rule out more of the time range if there are certain obstacles. What is the installment system? Installments are made during the set time period with a choice of 1 to 3 years. The Borrower is required to pay the installment before the due date in the form of installments plus the interest rate of the loan.